New Nepali Movie Jatrai Jatra | Full movie | Dayahang Rai | Bipin Karki

The film deals aftermath life e Phanindra, Munna and Jayas after they get released from jail on bail and also the cosequences after they find bag of gold. The film is clashed ith one of the biggest film of the year Bir Bikram 2 that stares Paul Shah, Barsha Siwakoti and Najir Hussain. The film earned रु 60 lakh on its opening day and was widely promoted by almost all social media popular pages on Instagram and Facebook drawing controversy for not showing equality among both films and faking moral of equality of all films. Most of these pages also showed fake collections of Bir Bikram 2 to bring it down despite it being housefull in almost all single screens though Jatrai Jatra ruled multiplexes in terms of collection .
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