Our INCOMPLETE Journey to MUNDHUM Trail, Ep I , Exploring Rupakot & Jalapa

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Things do not always go as planned. A trip that was supposed to bring the beautiful pastures and highlands of Mundhum Trail into limelight together with Kirat Culture, turned out to be one of our closest encounters with the raging wildfires and a first hand experience of the impacts of Global Warming & climate change.
Mundhum Trail is a new exciting trekking route encompassing the beautiful landscapes of Khotang, Bhojpur and Solukhumbhu district. Named after Kirat people’s ancient verbal scripture, this trail is culturally rich and religiously significant. We had this trail on our mind for quite a few years now. Several meetings with the local bodies, tourism committees bore no fruit, and we had to keep postponing our trip. Luckily, we got in touch with Detroit to Nepal Foundation (D2N) via Heema Rai and Ben Ayers. Upon hearing our proposal, they immediately agreed to support us, and we could finally set off for our long awaited journey.

There were wildfires raging all over the country when we left. The air quality index of Kathmandu valley was at its worst, and schools were about to be shut down for 3 weeks. Despite all these, we were hopeful the situation would be different in the eastern hills. But our hopes didn’t last long, we saw tell tales signs of how widespread the impact of the pollution was. The skies were full of haze, the Rhododendrons hadn’t bloomed as before and it didn’t feel like spring at all.

But, as the saying goes, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, we tried best to look at the brighter picture and enjoyed the experience hiking through beautiful trails and villages. On Episode one, we’ll explore Rupakot and visit Jalapa village of Khotang, celebrate Nepali New Year at my village, Purano Gau.

We are very thankful to the Detroit to Nepal Foundation (D2N) for their support.

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Narration : Ankur Prasad Chhippi Mourya
Camera : Kanchan Rai, Aashish Shrestha, Enish Rai, Rishav Adhikari
Assistant Editor: Aadarsh Shrestha
Script/Editing/Direction: Kanchan Rai
Additional Footages by : Heema
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