Axis Band-Hatne Hoina Dati Ladne

Hatne Hoina Dati Ladne Nepali ko Bani Huncha is a national melody that accuses each Nepali of a fire that is so pleased with Nepali legacy is this Nepalese geet – ‘Hatne Hoina Dati Ladne’. This Nepali melody particularly discusses how Nepal is bound together by the diverse images that have joined Nepal from times immemorial. The images could be anything like the King and Queen, The shading Red, The banner, the national creature Danfe, The social legacies of Nepal and the Nepali feeling. Wonderfully composed, this Nepali tune was additionally utilized as the national song of praise as well. Each understudy ought to find out about this Nepali tune in their lives so as to be glad for the Nepali legacy that they have.


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