Episode 126: 'Nepal' 8th Wonder of the World | Travels, Treks, Filmmaking | Sushant Pradhan Podcast

'Nepal' 8th wonder of the world, is a team who travel to the best places in the country, document it and promote tourism in Nepal. They explore the nooks and crannies of the country and present you with videos/documentaries. In this podcast, we had Mr. Hemanta Bhandari who is the founder and MD, and Mr. Bijaya Luintel who is the travel writer of 'Nepal' 8th wonder of the world.

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- HOST: Sushant Pradhan
- MANAGER: Suman Acharya
- PRODUCER: Biraj Neupane
- EDITOR: Ujjal Ale Magar

00:00 How they travel
06:28 Stories
10:26 Challenges while narrating
18:07 Google maps
19:41 How Nepal 8th Wonder started
25:26 BTS of Nepal 8th Wonder videos
32:38 Problems while traveling
36:00 Attractions
38:30 Worst traveling experience
43:24 Solo Treks
46:00 Ruby Valley
47:25 Contents during COVID
50:01 Nepal 8thWonder Team
56:10 Government & Tourism
01:02:43 Unexplored places
01:04:07 Mardi Issue
01:13:42 Best Traveling experience
01:18:10 Time to process videos
01:23:25 Challenges as a scriptwriter
01:27:54 Thumbnail, Algorithm, Hospitality
01:31:36 Taking breaks
01:35:37 Geographical Difference in People
01:41:59 Where to start to traveling
01:44:53 Difficult part while making content
01:59:21 Forbidden kingdom of Lo Manthang
02:12:02 Sandakpur- Disputed land in Illam
02:22:35 How visit Nepal should be promoted
02:38:56 int'l tourists getting scammed in Nepal

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