Top Scientists Prove the Ancient Lost Knowledge of the Yugas is FACT, First They Called it Mythology

Why has all ancient knowledge from the previous three yugas been lost?
That’s because the knowledge of the yugas cannot be passed to Kali Yuga, where it is transparent, if you have read Ramayana and Mahabharata, you can see that Ravana travelled on a vimana(aircraft), and both in Ramayana and Mahabharata you can see the use of divine objects like bhramastra

Now in Kali Yuga, most of the people on earth are filled with anger, lust, ego, jealousy. These such things cannot be used by such people, otherwise it would destroy the world.
and Krishna’s role was to come on earth, teach the people about dharma, and to remove the knowledge of the yugas so that the people of Kali Yuga cannot posses them
most scientists say that we Homo sapiens have origin 200,000 thousand years ago, and that Santana dharma exists for 5000 years ago
the truth is that Krishna was an intelligent, and a clever being. So he layed out the evidences (that science has used to predict) of these things so that we can think something else. Krishna was a prankster anyways
and sanatana dharma means ETERNAL DUTY, which means it is eternal, it has been here from the start of this universe or maybe before it
so that’s we don’t have the knowledge of these things, now the only way to get these, is to stay strong and patient, and remain a good Human, and wait till Satya Yuga

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