Is Corona Virus Is Pre-Planned ?????? CASE STUDY आख़िर Corona Virus से CHINA कैसे बनेगा सुपरपावर


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China's Whole Plan To Become The World Power | Coronavirus Master Plan To Destroy World Economy

The whole world is seeking a vaccine to deal with the deadly virus known as Covid-19, but China has already recovered itself and is now back into the business. Many facts prove that it was a great plan by the Chinese authorities to break the spinal cord of the world's economy and become its leader. Coronavirus was first carried out in Wuhan, a city of 11 million in Central China. Wuhan is one of the huge technological and biological hubs of China where the world is connected. One of the Chinese doctors, Li Wenliang had already known about the spread of this virus when some workers in his hospital were sent to quarantine. He tried to warn his colleagues in the private chat room, but somehow the Chinese authorities found it out and forced him to stop spreading the news. Later, they closed the case by calling his warning just a rumor. Lei, who was giving treatment to Covid-19 affected patients, was himself fighting the virus. Unfortunately, he suspiciously died one week later, and the police also investigated his case carelessly.

Why China is growing so fast, How China became a superpower, Why Chinese products are so cheap?

China Case Study |
China Success Story |
China SuperPower Kaise Bana ? |
ChinaItna Famous Kaise Bana ? |

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5. China Education me bhi India se kaafi aage nikal gaya

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